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Question Listing for Vessel Bareboat Registration
What is a Bareboat Registration?
Bareboat charter registration, in essence, temporarily permits a vessel to fly the flag of another country while ownership continues to be registered in the underlying registry. It provides a welcome element of flexibility in a number of commercial situations.

While registered pursuant to a bareboat charter, a vessel can fly the flag of its bareboat charterer's State upon consent of the underlying registry, for a period determined by that State's law or, if for a shorter time, by the term fixed in the bareboat charterparty.

The attributes of registration are therefore divided between the registry of the owner (sometimes called the "underlying" registry), and that of its "user", the bareboat charterer.

Bareboat registration is specifically recognized in international law, as reflected in the International Convention on Maritime Liens and Mortgages, 1993, and the provisions of the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea. Under these systems, the laws of both the State of bareboat charter registry and the State of underlying registry should contain provisions for maintaining the status of existing mortgages during the period that the vessel is subject to bareboat registration. Both States' laws should also recognize, at least in general terms, the exclusive right of enforcement and jurisdiction by the bareboat charterer's State (whose flag the vessel flies) of its rules and standards for the enforcement of safety at sea, the protection of the marine environment, licensing, and other duties of the flag state, as outlined in Article 94 of the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Bareboat registry into or from Liberia is not available where the laws of the State into or from which registry is sought do not generally coincide with the provisions of Sections 85 through 94 of the Maritime Law. In particular, the laws of both states should explicitly recognize that the law of the State of underlying registry is exclusively applicable to mortgages and related instruments recorded therein.

How do I Register a Bareboat Chartered vessel into the Liberian Flag?

A vessel registered in another State can be bareboat registered under the flag of Liberia where the laws of both States permit. The vessel then has the right to fly the Liberian Flag as provided in Sections 85-89; of the Maritime Law. Liberian law will apply to all aspects of the vessel's operation, navigation, and management during this period of bareboat registry. The law of the State of underlying registry (not Liberia), however, shall apply to the vessel's mortgage and related recorded instruments, in accordance with Section 89 of the Law.

A mortgage or related instrument that has been recorded in the State of underlying registry may itself be recorded by the Maritime Administrator if the parties so desire. Such recordation serves as a notice of the instrument, that has been recorded in the State of underlying registry. During the period of bareboat charter registration under the Liberian Flag, the vessel may not fly any flag other than that of Liberia, nor show any homeport other than Monrovia.

A vessel entering the Liberian flag under a bareboat charter registration must satisfy the requirements for the issuance of a Provisional Certificate of Registry, with the exception of cancellation from present country of registry. Registration will be in the name of the bareboat charterer.


When are the registration fees and tonnage tax due for a bareboat-registered vessel?

Initial Registration Fees, Tonnage Tax, etc. are payable when the vessel is to be bareboat registered in Liberia.

The check or bank draft in United States Dollars shall be drawn on a U.S. bank or the U.S. branch of an international bank and made payable to Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry, LLC. This check should be sent to the LISCR New York office.

The Annual Tonnage Tax shall not, in the case of small vessels, be less than that for a vessel of 2,200 net tons.

The full schedules of fees required at vessel registration are available from our registration office in New York.


What type of certificate is issued to Bareboat Registered vessels?

  1. Name and Official Number of Vessel: A Provisional Certificate of Bareboat Registry and a Temporary Radio Authority is issued to the Bareboat Charterer after satisfaction of the above requirements. The Liberian Provisional Certificate of Bareboat Registry will bear the name and official number of the vessel.
  2. Expiration of Provisional Certificate of Registry: Although the Provisional Certificate of Bareboat Registry is issued initially for two years, it may be reissued for further periods of two years, from time to time, upon application of the Bareboat Charterer, provided that all the requirements of this Section have been and continue to be met.
  3. Termination of Charterparty: The Provisional Certificate of Bareboat Registry will not be issued or reissued to a date beyond the termination date of the bareboat charterparty, unless a bareboat charterparty has been extended.

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