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Question Listing for Manning
What special qualification certificates (SQs) must the officers and crew on a Liberian Flag vessel have in their possession?

The MINIMUM SAFE MANNING CERTIFICATE indicates the minimum number of officers and ratings that must be on board the vessel. The officers must have their appropriate licenses and the ratings must have their appropriate Special Qualifications (SQs); i.e. ABs and Oilers.

Cargo Vessel:

Deck Officers holding Liberian Licenses: Do not have to show proof of completing Firefighting training, radar simulation training, ARPA training survival craft/rescue boat training,
Master or Chief Mate: Have to show proof of completing Medical Care Person in charge-Management Level and do not have to show any additional special qualifications.
Second and Third Mates: Have to show proof of completing First Aid Providers and do not have to show any additional special qualifications.
All Deck Officers: GMDSS License or Endorsement
Able Seaman: Special Qualification as Able Seaman Proficient in Survival Craft Basic Training.
Ordinary Seaman: Special Qualification as Ordinary
Basic Training.
Junior Ordinary Seaman: Special Qualification as Junior Ordinary Basic Training.
Engineering Officers: The Engineering Officers are required to show proficiency in Survival Craft. Have to show proof of completing First Aid Providers training course, and do not have to show any additional special qualifications.
Oiler/Motorman Special Qualification as Oiler/Motorman Basic Training.
Does the Liberian Administration require the use of Alcohol Test kits on board the Administrations vessels to determine the sobriety of the crew?
There are no Liberian requirements regarding alcohol test kits for use on board vessels. The Administration does encourage and support company policies regarding the use of such test kits when needed.

If you have any additional questions please contact Mr. Timothy M. Keegan Chief of Safety at:

What can be done when we need to carry a work crew to make repairs underway or additional persons for other reasons but the vessel's Safety Equipment Certificate will not allow us to carry the additional personnel?

The Administration may authorize the vessel's classification society to issue a Short Term Safety Equipment Certificate, valid for a prescribed period, permitting the vessel to carry additional personnel on board in excess of the maximum number allowed by the Safety Equipment Certificate provided:

  1. The vessel has installed additional liferafts on each side of the vessel capable of carrying the additional persons, or one additional liferaft, which is so located that it can be transported to either side of the vessel in case of emergency.
  2. There are sufficient lifejackets for all persons on board with spares for the bridge crew and engine watch.
  3. If the vessel transits above 32 degrees North or 32 Degrees South thermal protective aids must be provided for the additional persons on board.
  4. The vessel can provide adequate and safe quarters for the additional persons
  5. Prior to sailing the additional persons on board must be thoroughly briefed on the vessels emergency procedures and what they are to do in case of an emergency.

Issuance of the short term SEC is contingent on the verification of the above items to the satisfaction of the classification society.

If you have any additional questions please contact Mr. Anthony Dupree, Chief of Technical at

What is the procedure when one of our crewmen has become ill or missed the vessel and we have to sail short?

If there is an emergency and a crewman, required by the minimum Safe Manning Certificate, cannot sail with the vessel, you can request a Dispensation.

Send an email or fax to the attention of Marine Safety at or +703-790-5655 stating:

The name of the vessel,
The crewmen that could not join the vessel,
Why he could not join the vessel
The port and date of departure, and
The port and date of arrival where a replacement can join the vessel.

Note these dispensations are issued in emergencies for short, specific periods of time to allow a replacement to join the vessel.

If you have any additional questions please contact Mr. Timothy M. Keegan Chief of Safety at:

How does the Administration determine the number of persons required to be on board as represented on the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate?

We follow the guidelines of IMO Resolution A.890(21) and IMO Resolution A.481(XII). The grades and numbers of personnel listed reflect the minimum levels of manning necessary for the safety of navigation and operation.

The following principles are considered in determining the required officers and ratings necessary for the safe operation of the vessel dependent upon:

Size and type of vessel,
Number, size and type of main propulsion,
Number and type of auxiliary engines,
Vessel construction,
Ship's equipment,
Frequency of port calls,
Trading areas,
Extent of training on board,
Applicable work hour limits, and
Rest period requirements.

And after considering the following operational issues:

Radio watches,
Safety management,
Pollution prevention,
Maintenance and cleanliness of spaces,
Reduction of fire risk,
Medical care on board,
Cargo stowage and carriage,
Inspection and maintenance of structural integrity on board,
Operation of watertight closures,
Operation of on-board fire fighting equipment/appliances and
Operation of main propulsion.

If you have any additional questions please contact Mr. Timothy M. Keegan Chief of Safety at:

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