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Question Listing for Inspection & Survey
What Classification Societies does Liberia recognize, acknowledge or accept?
All vessels are required to be classed by a Classification Society, that is a full member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). The following Societies are currently approved for the issuance of International Convention Statutory Certificates on behalf of the Administration:
American Bureau of Shipping
Bureau Veritas (BV)
Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
Germanischer Lloyd (GL)
China Classification Society (CS)
Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR)
Nippon Kaijai Kyokai (NKK)
Registro Italiano Navale (RINA)
Korean Register of Shipping (KRS)
Polski Rejestr Statkow (PRS)
Maritime Register of Shipping (MRS)
The RDF on board is no longer useful and we have better electronic navigation tools on board, how can we get an RDF Exemption for the vessel?

Send information to LISCR in Vienna, Virginia, USA showing that you have at least two other independent means of electronic navigation, provide the date of expiration of your Safety Equipment Certificate and we will be able to issue an RDF Exemption Certificate.

For further information, please contact our Chief of Technical Mr. Anthony Dupree at (See also SOLAS Chapter V Regulation 12(p)).

Can a company request an equivalency to or exemption from the requirement for safe access to the bow of a tanker?
Yes. SOLAS allows an Administration to accept existing walkways and variations to the requirements for safe access to the bow if the arrangement provides an equivalent level of safety. In order to obtain an exemption or equivalency the vessel owners must provide the Administration with a complete explanation of what is requested, a copy of the complete class recommendation if applicable, a copy of any class comments on the owner's request, and drawings of the existing or proposed access to bow as applicable. If the Administration determines the existing walkway or variation meets the intent of the regulation and provides an equivalent level of safety an exemption may be grant

For further information, please contact our Chief of Technical Mr. Anthony Dupree at (See also SOLAS Chapter II Regulation I/3-3, Safe Access to Tanker Bow).

Who can conduct Cargo Gear Inspections on our vessel?

Cargo Gear Inspections are required by ILO Convention No. 152Convention on Occupational Health and Safety in Dock Work.

  1. A member of the ships crew as the "responsible person" under the convention appointed by the master, normally the chief officer on board a general cargo ship is responsible for conducting certain examinations, usually visual, of loose gear and other slings prior to being used and a record of such examinations is kept in the Cargo Gear Book.
  2. The "responsible person" or "authorized person" must be appointed or authorized by the master or other employer to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the regulations, again usually the chief officer on board. A person not so authorized may not carry out these duties.
  3. The Cargo Gear Book is normally maintained by this authorized person such as a ships officer keeping a record of all tests and inspections of cargo gear including electrical and mechanical tests and maintenance on related machinery, guards and safety cut-outs etc.
  4. The four or five year inspection conducted by the "competent authority" is an organization delegated this authority such as the National Cargo Bureau or any one of the internationally recognized IACS Class societies who ensure all the required weight tests and marking and certificates of the rigging, booms, wire, chains, ropes and slings and other lifting devices, etc. A certificate is issued attesting to the testing.
  5. If the regular examinations and tests nor annual inspections are not carried out the condition of the cargo gear would be in question by the dock workers and they could very legitimately refuse to work the ship until all requirements are brought current. The local authorities in the port would also have the authority to require that all cargo gear be examined properly prior to cargo operations commencing if these requirements are not being followed. This inspection can be done by the authorized person.
How can we schedule an Annual Safety Inspection of our vessel?

You can either send a request to this office in Vienna, Virginia by Fax to 703-790-5655 listing:

  1. The name of the vessel and Official Number
  2. The ports the vessel will be calling upon,
  3. The expected date of arrival, and
  4. The agents contact information in that port.

You can also send an E-Mail with the same information to the Audit Department at, or you can contact our nautical inspectors directly using the contact list provided by the web site.

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